Action Art Supplies Haul

I went to Action and got some art supplies and thought to actually share it here.

As you can see, I got some new brushes, these I want to us for Oil paints (which I’m going to try out). A little set of brushes for watercolours. Some palette knives, because for some reason I didn’t have any yet. A primer to try out. And some square paintimg panels, I love these from Action, because they are cheap and I don’t mind for my son to use them as well, also, easier to store.
Some different cardstock for different crafts and also for my son to craft with. Found some interesting coloured wire. A set of chalk markers, because I still have my chalkboard from my childhood and I want to start using it again. And last thing, I saw some cute document/paper folders, which I want to use for projects, like different sketches for a drawing untill it’s finished, because I tend to lose things and then it ends up somewhere random in the house or in the trash bin.

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