My Journey


If you didn’t know already, I’m a witch. I have been since I was 13 and did do some rituals and meditations from time to time, but only since the beginning of 2020 I started to rediscover my spiritual path again and this time with a little more clarity how to start. I’ve been interested in witchcraft for 16 years now, but the information I seem to always find, was about wicca. By now I’ve finally found more different information and I am interested in wicca, but the past year I found out that I’m more interested in traditional, green, hearth, hedge, kitchen, Celtic, Norse and Germanic witchcraft. And if I could find a way for my memory to actually take in all the info I’m reading and actually remember things, that would be great xD 

So, I want to use this blog to let you know more about my personal journey. Please know that everyone is on their own path and shouldn’t be told that they are doing things wrong, my witchcraft is for me and maybe someday for my son as well, but that will be his own decision, if he wants to become Muslim, Christian, Jewish or believe in nothing, I do not mind whatever he chooses, he will still be my son and his spiritual path won’t change that. I believe that everyone needs to seek their own path and let others be on their path.