Alternative Tag

1. Describe you style.
Mostly goth with my own twist, I also like to mix goth and punk together and sometimes I’m lazy with just a simple jeans and band/fan merch shirt.

2. How did you start wearing different clothes, hair, piercings ect?
I was 13 when I wanted to change my style. I was the ‘everything has to be pink’ type of girl and I fell in love with the gothic subculture. I got new clothes from my mom, I asked if I could dye my hair black and my mom said yes. I also started with some basic black eyeshadow, black eye-liner and black lipstick xD So I didn’t change slowly, but all at the same time.

3. Do your parents accept your style?

4. Have you ever suffered bullying for being different?
Yes, it started with bullying about my natural hair colour.

5. What is the most outrageous look you’ve ever had?
If you want to call one look outrageous, than you need to call them all outrageous. Because for me they look all different but still the same.

6. Have you ever had any piercings or tattoos?
I have 3 piercings in my right earlobe and 3 piercings in my left earlobe.
I also had my nose pierced, but I’ve let it close and I regret that

7. What would you say to people who are suffering or being judged for the way they look right now?
Be yourself. Just hold your head high and be proud, because it just mean that they are jealous.