2 Months Vegan Update

So a little update on the first 2 months of trying to eat vegan.

I think that it would be easier if you’d try this with your household/family, instead alone in a house with three meat eaters xD But it’s going better than expected, with a few fails. I thought that I would crave eggs the most, but I haven’t really missed it yet. The one recipe I’ve tried for scrambled tofu did not workout, but I just need to try other recipes. So far I’m missing cheese the most and that is where I failed the most. 

But I do love this way of eating. I’m just going to keep trying and not going to feel ashamed when I do fail at some moments. I’ve even failed recently and noticed how my stomach didn’t like me eating it, which is a good reminder of one of the reasns why I’m doing this. But it’s been only 2 months and it will become easier.

Replacements of meats and cheeses that I really like so far.

– Original slices (cheese)
– Chicken flavour slices

Garden Gourmet:
– Vegetarian Burger (I don’t know why they call it vegetarian, but it’s vegan xD)

– Vegan Nuggets

– Mayolijn (It’s a vegan mayonaise)