What’s in my bag

I’m the type of girl that switches bags based on the needs and outfit that day. For example for going to the grocery store I used to use a small bag with just my wallet, some deodorant, chewing gum, tissue paper and sunglasses, but since I’m a mom I just put them in the diaper bag. I like to take the essentials for the make-up I’m wearing if I’m going away for the day. And if I’m going to a festival I’d rather take a backpack than a handbag.

I don’t own a lot of bags and I tend to choose between 4 bags the most. But I’m making these What’s in my bag tags into a series. And yes my bags are most of the time this clean, because I’m trying to empty them when I’m done using them. You will see that there are a few key items that I have to take with me every time I leave the house.

I also switch between 2 wallets, I love my big wallet, but for work or festivals, I like to switch to a wallet that fits in my pocket and without all the extra store cards.



Cat bag