Just a fun little question list

Have you ever…

1. Skipped a class? Yes
2. Done drugs? Yes, but only soft drugs like weed
3. Self-harmed? Yes, but I used my own nails to scratch, I couldn’t handle blood and now I’m grateful for that fear xD
4. Drank? Yes, but always with a warning in the back of my mind.
5. Shop-lifted? No
6. Gotten a tattoo? No, afraid of needles, I do have an idea of 1 that I would want, maybe someday or not.
7. Broken up with someone? Yes

What’s your favourite…

8. Show? Sons of Anarchy, McLeods Daughter’s, Grey’s Anatomy, Outlander, Vikings, Charmed (the original series)
9. Movie? Grease, Harry Potter, Little Mermaid, Nightmare Before Christmas
10. Song? Hold on to me, Song to say goodbye (both Placebo), Ghost Love Score (Nightwish), Cry for the moon (Epica), Lazarus (David Bowie), Californication, On Mercury (Both Red Hot Chili Peppers)

11. Artist? Victoria Franses, Anne Stokes, my grandmother Dirry Blom
12. Singer/band? Placebo, David Bowie, Nightwish, Epica, Red Hot Chili Peppers
13. Memory? My favorite memory is the moment after my son was born, they gave him to me right after, so the first moment we looked at each other and just cuddled that first hour.
14. Book? Harry Potter, Sweep series (Cate Tiernan, look it up, it’s amazing), The Selection series

This or that…

15. Invisibility or ability to fly? Invisibility
16. Cookies or cake? It depends on my mood xD
17. Twitter or Facebook? How about Instagram xD I don’t like Twitter and barely use Facebook
18. Coke or sprite? Coke
19. Blind or deaf? I would rather be deaf
20. Tea or coffee? Tea

What’s your…

21. Age? 28
22. Sign? Sun = Leo, Moon = Scorpio, Rising = Gemini, Chinese = Metal Goat
23. Height? 1,72
24. Sexual orientation? Does it matter, I’m in a longterm monogamous relationship
25. Longest relationship? My current one, almost 12 years together

What’s your opinion on…

26. Gay Rights? Everyone deserves to be in love with whoever, gay/straight/trans, it shouldn’t matter
27. Second chances? But not third chances
28. Long distance? I couldn’t handle that
29. Abortion? Every woman should have the right to that choice, but I could never do that to myself, because I could not live with the guilt and I admire how strong the woman who do make that choice are
30. The Death Penalty? Against, why end their misery, just let them get life in prison instead
31. Marijuana? I smoked it a few times and I loved the feeling of it, but I had to give it up, luckily I wasn’t addicted to it xD
32. Love? Always

Do you…

33. Believe in ghosts? Yes
34. Sleep with the door open or closed? Closed
35. Have a bf/gf? Bf
36. Like yourself? I do now, I haven’t liked myself a lot in the past