Hello 2018

Hi everyone,

Happy new year.

2017 went by real fast. The past year was a difficult year for me. In April I found out that I was pregnant and I was so happy, but my pregnancy was difficult, there will be a blogpost about that. Because of that I kinda forgot about my blog, but I did miss it. In November I gave birth to my son and I love him so much.

And now on to 2018. This year I want to focus on a few things and I really hope that I can keep myself to those things. So my goals for this year:

1. Getting a rhythm. I had one, but now I’m not alone and I am breastfeeding.

2. Reviving this blog, because I’ve missed it so much.

3. Getting my house in order. I’m chaotic and I keep to many things even if I can throw it away. So downsizing what I have and putting things in the right place.

4. My most important goal. Being a good mom to my baby boy and enjoying life with him.

Let’s make 2018 the best year so far.

Blessed be,


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