Hi everyone,

I feel like I’m making constant excuses on why I haven’t been blogging.

I’ve had this nice flow in writing and then I got sick. It started with pain in my stomach and a few days later the nausea began. The nausea reminded me of last year, I had the same nausea when I was pregnant. But I also had gallstones during my pregnancy. Turned out I had gallstones. So I went to the hospital, they tried to help, got a pancreatic inflammation instead. Got better, after 2 weeks the pain and nausea began again. Hospitalized for the second time, turned out I had a gallbladder inflammation. They operated to remove the gallbladder and the operation took longer than expected, because it was worse inflamed than they thought. Had to stay 3 days extra due to antibiotics and got better again. Now I’m building up my energie and strenght, getting back to doing household and hobby stuff., while running after a fast crawling 10 month old, who loves being naughty xD

Blessed be,


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