An update about my life

Hi everyone,

So, as you might know, the world took a turn. And if you have been living under a rock, as I mostly do, you might have heard about this thing called Covid-19. I’ve written about my job and the company that I work at, is seen as an essential company, so the stores in Holland were open during lockdown. And boy, I wish I could’ve stayed home xD  

In the first lockdown I had to get tested because I’ve had a cold, didn’t have covid. When things slowly got back to a little more normal, vacation time was around the corner and I had to work a lot more. Had to work to much, was so tired after this whole period. By now we are in a semi lockdown, but this time we know better what to do. Took a week off to reset my routines and my whole household got a stomach flu xD But it has been a few weeks since then. It’s been 8 months since covid started and now I finally feel like I’m getting back my routine. 

I’ve had therapy for a year, didn’t like how it ended because of the whole situation, but therapy and having my current job really helped me learning more about me, just get through some things and finally processed other things. Knowing that a lot of those things are not my fault and having someone outside my world in my corner and believing me really helped me. 

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I really want to do and to make that happen there needs to be a lot done and I need to make some changes for myself which will be difficult, but one of the things I really want to do is blogging. Don’t expect me to regularly post on here, but I want to try and get better at it, because I love writing on here and it let’s my creative self out. So I’m going to try my best to work on this project I’m working on and on this blog, which is actually part of that project. 

Blessed be,


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