Hello again

Hi everyone,

It’s been almost a year since I posted on here, but life took a turn. We have been really busy with our son and are in the middle of figuring out some things and trying to find a school that will be the right fit for him. And he benefits with a routine, which we didn’t had, because of my job. So we decided that I will be a stay at home mom, we have another reason for that, but more about that later in this post.

Also, another lockdown happened, even the store I worked at, was closed, but we still had to come in and we cleaned and re-organised everything. I didn’t like working in a closed store, but I did learn more behind the scenes, so that was interesting.

And saving the best for last, I had another baby. A girl and we named her Peyton. She is 6 weeks old. But one of the things during my pregnancy was that I was so tired all the time, so all the energy I had, I used for work and attention for my son. Right now I’m trying to find a balance between 2 kids, cleaning, homemaking and some time for myself, it’s getting there.

I’m happy to be writing again and I hope that life will settle for now xD

Blessed be,


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