Bad memory

Hi everyone,

I keep forgetting to post things. So far being a mom has me real busy, but everytime I want to sit down and work on this blog or other creative things during his nap, I keep seeing things to do around the house. For example folding laundry, if I see it laying around when my kid is taking his nap, than I have to fold it. So I’m mostly doing those little things during his nap. I’m trying to get more into a routine that gives me the nap time as time to do more things what makes me happy, but there is so much that I get frustrated about the plan and just stop trying to make a plan. So I just need to figure out a plan/routine that doesn’t frustrate me.

So for now an update on how things are going. My kid is a toddler and doing really well, but he doesn’t want to speak yet, but we know he knows a few words already. But we are not pushing him and we just understand him really well most of the time. And since he isn’t 2 yet, I’m not worried yet.

As for me, I’m not a vegan anymore. It just doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’m leaning more towards plant-based, because it doesn’t feel limiting, but I need to get there, because my eating habits went straight back to what it used to be. Oh and I celebrated my 28th birthday last weekend. It doesn’t feel different than 27 xD

I hope everyone is doing good.

Blessed be,


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  1. Haha, ik praate vroeger ook niet. Dus misschien heeft mijn kleine neefje dat wel van mij? Ik had er gewoon geen zin in! Ook niet bij de logopedist en bij mij is het ook goed gekomen.

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