New year, new attempt at blogging xD

Hi everyone,

First of all, Blessed new year, even though we’re 2 weeks in the new year already xD

So an update is in order. The last post from me was on august 20th and the day after life took a turn. I got a phone call for a job interview and at the end of that interview they offered me a job. I started on the last day of august. September was a crazy month, because I was working 2 jobs and being a mom. The last day of my old job was in the beginning of october. I’m still trying to adjust te ever changing work schedules, my house is a giant mess, but there will come an end to all the crazy. And soon I will have some more free time, once my son goes to daycare in february for 2 days a week. So I’m pretty overwhelmed by all the things lately, but I’m working hard on finding my focus again, although I’ve been more creative lately which doesn’t help in getting my house in order xD

So for now I’m leaving you with this song from my idol:

You remind me of the babe (what babe?)
The babe with the power (what power?)
The power of voodoo (who do?)
You do (do what?)
Remind me of the babe

Blessed be,


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