A little update

Hi everyone,

I keep saying sorry about not keeping up with this blog. I do really want to work on this blog. But things keep going wrong, my mental health has been on the downwards path, last week one of my grandmothers died at the age of 84, some other personal things, still trying to process everything that happened in the past 2 years and everything just keep adding up. I’m going to try to focus more on this blog and being creative, because I need to focus the energy I have from my anger and fears into something that makes me happy.

I already have some ideas that I want to do on this blog including a series about creating outfits with wat you already have and a budget series about finding outfits in stores like primark and H&M. I’m trying to go towards more low-waste and sustainability, but I also love trying to find good items in stores like that.

I recently opened up an Etsy shop, but currently closed for vacation and working on things, because I didn’t have much to put on there yet (and actually went on vacatation last month). But it’s a huge step towards my performance anxiety. 

My son is doing well, almost 1 year and 6 months old. He loves eating, going outside and play with dirt. He has a sandbox and he loves it. He starting to say some words and he really loves helping me with the laundry, vacuuming, cooking and throwing away stuff xD And he is a big help when I’m feeling down <3

So, I’m going to step it up with posting stuff again.

Blessed be,


Goodbye 2018

Hi everyone,

It’s been a year with a lot of happiness and some health issues. Those health issues should be over. My baby isn’t a baby anymore, time goes way to fast, but I am so happy to be a mom, it’s what I’ve always wanted and it feels so naturel to me. 

I didn’t want to make new years resolutions, so instead I’m setting myself some goals to work on.

– I’m going vegan and doing 2 challenges, first blogpost about my journey:
The Vegan Challenge and Veganuary

– Eating healthier and trying to do some excersizes, want to try out yoga, but in a way that I can do it with my one year old (and hopefully lose a little bit of weight on a healthy way, but that isn’t my main focus)

– Trying to finish 3 books, because I’ve only finished 1 book in 2018 and I’m not counting kids books.

– Keep working on my blog and I’m looking into creating an Etsy shop, because I love making things and being creative.

– Decluttering my house, giving everything a place and trying to spend less on crap (and saving money in the process)

– And the most important goal is just being happy and being a loving mom who takes the time to give lots of love and attention to her son (because I know how lucky I am to be home with him so much)

I hope everyone is safe with all the fireworks and that 2019 will be a good year for all of us.

Blessed be,